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It is currently 10/09/2011 and I am excited about Halloween! It really has been a long time. For a while there I fell into a deep depression, pulling myself up only to fall again. I am back though after so long :) So for halloween I plan on being Little Red Ridding Hood. And I promise, Ill post pictures when i do XD 

Well it looks like things arnt going to well in Fine Jewelry as I had thought and may be  going back to cashiering. I hope its after Christmas so I can get the commission but well just have to see. Not really my decision. Oh! And get this… I MIGHT ACTUALLY WRITE ANOTHER CHAPTER! Yes cause im horrible there will be days, weeks, MONTHS between chapters. Well im re-reading my Hiding, Attractions, and Vampires and am HOPING to post another chapter eventually. 

Life otherwise is good. I recently reconnected with an old friend of mine. Linda. I dont know why I even stopped talking to her in the first place seeing how were so much alike and she just an overall awesome person. :) I guess thats it for now. 


Baby Making Time? Hmmmm

Well my husband just announced to me that he thinks it may be time we start stopping protection. Not exactly try for kids, but not exactly prevent it either. Hmmm, very tempting and odd. I wonder if he has matured some since before. Cause a few months ago he didnt want kids till I was 40 (yeah I know *rolls eyes). I wonder whats the change of heart. But then again, im slightly excited.

Is it baby making time? Def a lot of things to think about and consider…


Its been a very very long time since ive last updated, so here I go! Mothers day is approaching, and is killing me inside. Since I work in the fine jewelry department in sears, I always look at things going, “Oh, mom would like that.” Then I have to stop and remember, shes dead.

Even as I write that… “shes dead”, still feels so wrong. I imagine what it would be like, if she was still around. I would buy her something nice, maybe a gold cross or something. Go to the house, see her in bed. Give her a kiss on the forehead and listen to her day. She will tell me how aweful shes fealing, then smile up at me through those thick rimmed glasses and ask me about my day. She would love the necklace, tell me how proud she was of me. I would kiss her goodbye, and tell her ill call her tonight. So simple, and yet I miss it so much. 

Besides that, nothing really has changed in my life. I will keep you updated though!

I just posted 'Secrets Only My English Teacher Knows (Chapter 1)' on Wattpad!

Since the death of Amy’s mother, it has seemed that her whole life has been falling apart and is now full of lies. When her new neighbor (Sam Whilder) moves in, of course he is the yummy older man that Amy looks, but doesnt dare to touch. But of course to him, Amy is nothing more then a child, and is constantly even forgetting who she is. 

Now starting as her new English teacher, Amy and Mr. Whilder will be spending much more time together. Will he stick to his strict power craze or will Amy melt his cold heart and introduce both of them to something new?

keeing DJMooMoo in prayers

its been a while, so i figured id stop by and let you know that things turn up really really soon. your a great person and its a shame to see you hurt so much. but, crap does happen. we look forward to a brighter future in hopes that things get better.

Last book

Im torn, I think Hiding, Attraction, and Vampires may be the last book for the series.


It is currently 3:08am right now as I lay in bed awake next to my sleeping husband. Unlike him though, I cant sleep. 

My brother called me today once I was off work, crying. My father had begun drinking again. Im pissed. Drinking is what killed my mother, and now he was going to follow the same path.  

For my whole life, my parents had been known as alcoholics, ruining mine and my siblings childhood. It wasnt until 9 months ago when they found out drinking was killing my mother that they quite. Hard part was, that I knew they hadnt. I noticed the empty glass by my mothers bed side table when I would visit. Once I confronted my father and he said,”Its just a little” well, it was a little too much. When they had actually found out she was actually going to die, they finally stopped stopped about 3 months ago because they still had hope. 

Now my mother is dead from drinking, and my father has started up again. My mom wouldnt want this, but he doesnt care. Says hes in too much pain. Does that mean that he was in too much pain raising us? Were all in pain now though, but we get through it and live on. Sad part is that my dad is an angry drunk. 

I cant stand to watch another parent die the same way, it rips me up inside. I had tried talking to him but he just tells me he’ll stop and never does. I dont know what to do, but theres nothing to do. My family has always been fucked up, i dont know why i thought her death would keep us together. 

Anywho, thats the reason I cant sleep. Plus i keep seeing her in my head, lying in that hospital bed struggling to survive. We killed her. We really did. My mother wanted to live, she told me to make sure she was resuscitate because she was scared of dying. The woman cried on me for havens sake. But my dad signed her death when he chose not to resuscitate. I hate him for getting her start drinking, and I hate him for killing her in the end. I miss my mommy, and now she will never be there to tell me how proud she is of me, to tell me she loves me, or to just laugh with me about stupid things moomoo does. She never got to see moomoo. We kept talking about when she would get better, how she would come over to my place and have some steak an watch a movie. She just, never got better.

"its been a while. My most sincerest condolences to your recent loss. i kno whats it like to lose someone close to you. just remember, she is always with you in your heart and mind. thats all i shall say about that. anywho, yeah, so ive missed you and moomoo. lolz, yes, i missed your cat. ive read some of your posts, and they were kinda interesting. i re-watched the second video you made on youtube, answering those questions, and i realized that i asked too many. im sorry!!! v.v and of course i had to ask about the grass. i mean, come on....ive been waiting forever to find out about it. XD but yeah, thats me...weirdo Celticunit. hahaha"

lmao, I love all your questions. Without them, then there would be no Questions and Answers. So please do continue, otherwise I would only get about 4 question :(

And I saw your first post, interesting. I didnt know that you did work :)


Okay so so far so good! Some of yall seem to really like the chapters I posted XD Thats awesome! I will write Chapter 24 (and maybe more) tonight. 

Well im going to have to play with the first paragraph a bit, because I actually didnt think that far into it. I have several ideas though of what it should be. How I like to think about it, Ren and all my characters have a mind of there own and go off there own paths. Now I didnt plan this, but it just happened as I began typing. (I love it when Ren flows through my fingers)

Anywho, thanks everyone who commented and im excited to start the next chapter. I only go in work today for a meeting 6:30-8:30 so only 2 hours. Ill have plenty of time to write unless im at my dads that is. 

Love you all! By!


Well, like the title says, I am copping with my mothers death. There is not a minute that goes by that I dont miss her. February 16th was her funeral, and thats when it hit me like a block. Its all real. All very very real. I spent most of the service crying into my tissue as words were said about here. When you first enter the church, there is a board of pictures of her from a baby giggling, a child dancing in her underwear, a teenager going to prom, an adult marrying my dad, her pregnant, pictures of her raising us, and finally of her from a few years ago looking healthy. Inside the church was a picture of her when she was 18, surrounded by roses and plastic butterflies. 

I keep thinking of the time she was in the hospital, her eyes looked at me just once when i first came to her, then that was it. They said they were going to put her in a chemical coma so she would go painless, but still for days her body struggled. Although unaware of our presence, she would moan through bleeding lips and pull at all the cords on her. She was fighting… fighting against us. 

What no one knows is that when she was in bed one day, she cried with me. Depressed because her speech was slurred and no one could understand her. Well i could. I cried with her as she told me she didnt want to die. 

And we were killing her, allowing them to put her in a coma and signed the DR (dont resuscitate). She shouldnt have been able to move in the coma, but she did. I cried so much as I watched her, and at some point had to restrain her. It was horrifying and i wish i never had the image of her weak body struggling again her death. 

Anyways, on a better note, I am writing again in Hidding, Attractions, and Vampires! Yep, im almost done with the chapter. :) 


Wel, sorry I havent posted in a bit, although I know no one actually follows me. My mother just passed thursday night, 02/10/2011. It was and is one of the hardest things I ever had to experience, although she had been sick for a while, I was still unprepared. I still feel like its not real, and I keep having dreams that this is the dream and she really is alive. Im starting to question reality now.

RIP mom, I love you.

This was my mother 3 months ago. Back then we knew she was ill and that she was eventually going to pass. Little did we know was how bad she would get. This is in fact, a nice picture of her. Now… well now she looks like a Holocaust victim. I do have another video of her now but everytime I watch it, I want to cry :(

My dad called me an hour ago to let me know how things were going at the doctors. They had just gone in to get more pain medication for her. Checking her levels they found her calcium levels sky rocketing and the Doctors say that is a sign of cancer. Not only that, but while they were talking with her, she just passed out in her wheel chair. Another look and they found that her blood count had dropped suddenly, she had begun bleeding internally in large amounts and they couldnt figure out where. So now there rushing her to a hospital as we speak and I cant help but think. Is this it? Will this be the hospital visit that she dies? I dont know How I will handle, i probably wont be able to. She is, afterall, my mother. The other day while we were talking she just burst out in tears telling me she didnt want to die. My mother was pleading with me for her life. It was scary to see as I started to cry as well. How can she die if shes so scared to? I wont allow it. And as stupid as it was of me, I told her she wasnt. That she would be okay.

I feel alone.


I am the worst person on earth! DX

I havent updated my story in forever, but I have been writing in a little notepad at work when its slow. Now I just have to transfer it to the computer. Which shouldnt be too hard but there isnt near enough to make into a chapter. I NEED A CLIFF HANGER! But right now all I got is that Ren is now walking through her new school going undercover as Vicky. *sigh*. Still need to figure out what kind of classes shes going to have, when I should bring back David, and how to smoosh Darren somewhere in there as well. Im considering having Darren just continue being an asshole and maybe have David come back, but as a teacher? No… maybe… I DONT KNOW! So everyone, it may take a while for me to make another chapter. I know its been months.

As for my family, I have visited my mother yesturday and it was so sad. :(

She still loosing weight as her stomach continued to bloat. She very confused and continues to forget who I am at times. I can tell my father isnt taking it very well. I just hope she survives long enough (like forever).

If yall have any questions on the stories, characters, or anything under the sun, just write!

Been forever

Since I posted, well not really forever. Anywho, decided to give an update on my personal life so far. Starting next week I will be transferring from a sears cashier to a sears jewelry sales associate! I will be making a base pay of 6.50 an hour along with commission which should be nice with valentines day around the corner. 

FUN FACT: Did you know my spelling is horrible! I am completely dependent on spell check whenever I right something. Just now, I i had misspelled about 7 words. Funny stuff. XD

Today I went in to a meeting this morning because apparently im not cramming enough credit card applications down peoples throats. While there, my boss Tim, thought it would be brilliant to go ahead and have us practice selling applications to each other. It was okay, I was the only one that tried to have fun with it though by saying, “No English.” “Credit cards are against my religion.” “IM ONLY A 8 YEARS OLD!” No one else thought it was funny though >_>” there all poop though.

As for my family, well nothing really has changed, my mother is still dying slowly, father is frustrated because he cant do anything, my sisters are more consumed in there own life, and my brother… well… hes still my brother.

Till next time!

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